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Amongst the most important substance present in Rabbi Dates are Lactose and Fructose, a rich supply of pure sugar that may even be loved by these with excessive blood sugar without harmful impact. The Iranian Rabbi date incorporates quite a lot of minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and protein), nutritional vitamins (similar to vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C) and sugars (corresponding to fructose). The calorie content material of the Rabbi date is made up largely of simple carbohydrates, some proteins and little or no fat. 100g of dried Rabbi dates accommodates is made up of 70% carbohydrates, 2.2% protein and zero.6% fat and accommodates round 300 energy.

They additionally include solely a trace quantity of fat - main them to be thought of a low-fat, nutritious meals. It ought to be noted, nevertheless, that overindulging on date fruit may cause weight achieve due to their extreme sugar content (largely simple sugars).

Iranian Mazafati Dates(Kimia Dates Iran)

Piarom dates are wealthy in sugars, proteins and different minerals and have http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=Medjool Dates high nutritional value. Most of the sugar in this sort of date is fructose.

Types Of Iranian Dates(The Complete List)

Rabbi palm tree to sizzling and dry climate wants. Rabbi palm cultivation and growth within the region of Sistan and Baluchestan because of the excessive potential for drought tolerance is very affluent. However, this type of palm tree to bear fruit rapidly and with Mazafati date which can be part of this area dates to the earliest recognized date. The identical has increased the economic worth of the agricultural trade in the area.


Rabbi dates are from indigenous dates of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This sort of date is semi-dry and has a chocolate-like texture. For this purpose, it may be washed. In terms of form and shade it is black and has a small core. Small core, however chocolate and soft tissue date Rabbi makes each viewer to eat it.

Rabbi Dates 1 KG pack Overview and Specifications

Shelf life at room temperature is about one 12 months, underneath interim fumigation. The dates are used pitted or un-pitted for direct consumption and industrial purposes. Harvesting is done on the end of Augusts. Rabbi Date is likely one of the important productions of Sistan and Deglet Noor Dates Baluchestan province.

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Rabby Date is a industrial date and managed to attract most of prominent worldwide markets. Buying and promoting Rabbi dates within the markets has lots of advantages. In this fashion, patrons should buy products at a cheaper value. Producers will quickly have the ability to revenue from their products.